We at Onida work towards the company’s vision to make Onida an employer of choice. The focus is to
attract young & bright professional, to make future leaders by building a strong performance culture,
positive work environment and creating the best HR practices to attract talent,
retain the better and advance the best.

Development & Growth

We believe that nurturing our people capability is the core of driving business excellence and achieving the vision of the company. We provide our employees with many opportunities to develop, grow and to perform optimally. We believe personal development is important, which is why we invest time and energy to support in performing and delivering the best and development of skills and knowledge. There are several ways in which we support and accelerate employee’s growth:

Training & Development

Learning and professional development never stops at ONIDA. We have started our in-house Training initiative to constantly Develop & Empower our employees’ through ONIDA Learning Academy. The training calendar is customized to roles, individual needs to enhance and upgrade their skills, improve productivity and develop them for future roles. The academy aims to provide regular learning opportunities to the Top Talent

Performance Management

Performance Planning & Development is the pillar of the organization’s success. The focus is to drive a performance oriented culture. The process guides in setting and achieving challenging goals that impact the organization. It helps to plan how to develop leadership skills and behaviors for the existing role and future roles.

Rewards at Onida

We are building a winning culture, in which every employee is encouraged to grow to his or her full potential. We have developed a performance-based reward structure that recognizes people have delivered results and have the right values for our business. There are various employee recognition programmes run throughout the year, be it company-wide appreciation or peer-to-peer recognition, a step towards creating a culture of engagement and motivation.