Innovations happen when you look at things differently.

When you don’t think why, but think why not!

Brand Positioning

TRENDY, UNCONVENTIONALBrand for Young Nesters that offers products with Innovative Form Functionality satisfying consumer needs in surprising ways.

Brand Values

The Brand Values that will define Onida are

  • Unconventionality

  • Creativity

  • Surprisingly Thoughtful

  • Wit

Brand Idea

Think WhyNot! will be the Onida Brand Essence. The ‘WhyNot!’ application will be across all functions of the organisation and will encourage an attitude of challenge and creativity.

The Onida Way

All around us, rules and regulations define our existence.

Sure, they were created for a purpose. But many a times, the same very rules put blinders on us, handcuff us from stretching our limits, impair our imagination, dissolve our power to think and view things differently.

Onida will exist to challenge these rules, unshackle people and more importantly, their imagination from these rules and boundaries. Onida believes that while some rules need be followed, a lot many need to be challenged. It believes that challenging these rules may create a possibility of failure, but not challenging these rules will create a certainty of it.

Onida will say... Think WhyNot!

“Think WhyNot!” is an expression of challenge, a new language, a new way of thinking that shall drive Onida to unleash the maverick attitude of creativity and challenge in its products, employees and culture.