Onida Celebrates the Spirit of Navratri with Children from Smile Foundation

Navratri is the time when we get to indulge in traditional food recipes, non-stop garba dances and plenty of shopping. However, this year we at Onida wanted to do something different. Being the festive season, we wanted to celebrate Navratri in a way where we could give back to the society and put a smile on children’s faces who may not be privileged otherwise to experience the celebrations of this beautiful festival.

We invited a group of 18 children from Smile foundation to take part in the festivities and garba celebrations organized by us. As a blessing from above, we believe in worshipping the girl child and puja was conducted for 9 girls, symbolizing the 9 goddess of Navratri with a strong purpose to worship and promote women empowerment. The children were extremely delighted to take part in our garba celebrations and truly brought a smile on everyone’s faces.

The joy to just see them enjoying themselves dancing to the beats of a few garba classics along with our employees gave us the feeling that there is so much more that we can do to give back and would encourage all of you to contribute in some way or the other helping the under privilege enjoy the festivities this season. Lokesh Sikka, CHRO Onida, also interacted with them, understood their dreams and aspirations and inspired them to go beyond limits, explore all opportunities and dream big.

Smile foundation are doing an excellent job educating & supporting these kids, but it is also our duty to inspire and enlighten them about the various opportunities available out there and we will truly focus on this aspect going forward by conducting few training sessions for them.