Top 10 Edge-of-the-seat Entertainment To Catch On Your Onida Smart TV This Summer



Summertime calls for saving yourself from the brutal rays of the sun, by sitting at home, turning on your AC and in the meantime getting a good dose of entertainment. But most of us are in a dilemma of what exactly to watch on TV, because almost 90% of the TV channels are busy broadcasting the age old saas-bahu drama. But don’t you worry, we will guide you to some of the edge-of-the-seat entertainers you can catch up on your Onida smart TV this summer, while sipping on to some chilled orange juice.


1. Game Of Thrones Season 8:

When almost everyone on the planet earth is going crazy about GOT Season 8, you would definitely not want to suffer from this disorder called FOMO, do you? Well, who doesn’t like to watch a gripping show which has so much of an intensity of thrill, emotions, suspense, and drama, which almost never ends, except of course in the final episode! And you will definitely get the best experience from watching it, if you are watching it on your Onida Smart TV - The best smart TV in India in 2019.


2. IPL Season 12

For anyone who has seen even one of the previous seasons of IPL, we don’t need to explain what a nail-biting experience of entertainment, it can turn out to be. It definitely is a delight to watch the crisp batting shots of Chris Gayle or the deadly bowling of Lasith Malinga and Dale Steyn, on a day when they are in their topmost form. Sometimes the  excitement even lasts till the final ball of the match, when it truly brings an adrenaline rush to all of the fans, which can be a truly entertaining experience. And what can be better than watching the IPL matches on your Onida smart TV, for a truly lively experience!


3. Live Updates Of Lok Sabha Elections 2019:

While some fictional drama or adrenaline rush provides good entertainment, the live updates of the Lok Sabha elections also don’t lag behind, in providing you with some good thrilling experience, and also it helps you to decide whether which party you should cast your vote in favour of.


4. ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

The tournament of ICC Cricket World Cup is one of the many times, when the fervour of patriotism, is at the highest levels in all of our hearts. You may experience your heart skipping a beat or two with the intense thrill and anticipation, that surrounds each ball delivered during an ICC Cricket World Cup Match. And watching the ICC World Cup Matches on your favourite Onida smart TV with your gang, can prove to be a truly paisa vasool experience.


5. Dhamaal Movie Part 1:


If you have already watched this movie at least once, you will definitely agree with us, when we say that you will manage to get a good laugh, even if you are seeing this movie for the 75th time as on today. Well why not, every dialogue or even a plain scene in this movie, manages to create a chain of laughter among the audiences, to the point that you will never get bored even for half a second, and will keep anticipating how big a laughter you will burst into, during the next scene. It definitely is an excellent entertainer to watch during your summer holidays.


6. Avengers Endgame:


After half of all the life in the universe was killed by Thanos in the previous movie in the Avengers series, Avengers: Infinity War, it would be quite interesting to see how the remaining avengers give a fitting action-packed reply to the villainous superpowers. Plus, it’s time to bid farewell to all your favourite avengers in this final segment of the Avengers series. Make more of watching this amazing cinematic experience by enjoying it on your Onida Smart TV.


7.UEFA Champions League:

UEFA Champions League 2019 has already started, and you would not want to miss out on the crucial matches that are lined up ahead in this amazing football tournament. Catch up with the UEFA Champions League on your Onida Smart TV this summer, and cheer for your favourite club will full energy.

8.Sacred Games:

Some of you might have already enjoyed this gripping thriller. But, for those who are still to watch it, believe us, it’s a must watch this summer. This Netflix original, stars Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte and Nawazuddin Siddiqui among many others. It depicts the blood-ridden Bombay city when it was shaken by the communal riots of 1992, in the aftermath of  the demolition of Babri Masjid. It keeps you glued from start to finish. No doubt, why it has made it’s place in our summer favourites list!


9. Jumanji Hindi Dubbed Version:

If you have already seen the Hindi dubbed version of Jumanji, you know why we have included this movie in the ‘to-watch on your TV this summer’ list. The Hindi dubbed dialogues don’t leave any stone unturned in tickling your funny bone. Amazing visuals, adventure, and lots of fun is what you get while watching this amazing Rock movie. Also you get some glimpses of India’s son in law Nick Jonas in this movie! This movie is a must-watch this summer.


10. Fbb Colors Femina Miss India 2019:

This year’s Fbb Colors Femina Miss India broadcast, is all things exciting. According to reports, this year’s Miss India competition, will be the stage, to performances of some of the most desirable celebrities; Vicky Kaushal, Katrina Kaif and Diljit Dosanjh, to be precise. Also this grand show will be hosted by none other than Karan Johar. Now we are sure the show’s going to be full of josh, sizzle and lots of comedy, don’t we!


Which Onida Smart TV Is Best For A Thrilling Binge-watching Experience This Summer?



The Google Certified Android 4K UHD 58UIC Onida Smart TV is the most preferred smart TV, for enhancing the experience of binge-watching your favourite shows this summer, and we will tell you why! This amazing masterpiece is powered by Android OS 8.0 Oreo, which enables you to enjoy everything that’s there on your Android smartphone, simultaneously on your Smart TV too; this includes everything ranging from Google Play Store, Google Play Movies And TV, Google Play Music, Google Play Games and also YouTube! Also it supports Chatbot - Voice Control Remote; For example, you can give voice commands such as, “Play Bollywood Music”, “Search Nearby Restaurants”, “What’s The Weather?” “Play Cricket”, “Play Dilbar”, Play Comedy Movies”, etc. You can also use Google Cast feature, to cast photos, videos etc. from your android smartphone to your TV. The Picture Illuminating Engine(PIE) in this TV gives you the most accurate picture setting with an amazing level of contrast ratio. Also, you can now enjoy 4K Ultra HD Resolution of 3840*2160 pixels, which gives you 4 times more detailing than Full HD, for a crystal clear picture quality! Also featuring a Quad Core processor, this TV is capable of taking huge loads, with it’s ultra high operating frequency. The Dolby Sound feature gives you a luxurious cinematic experience at the comfort your home. You will be surprised, that this Onida TV comes with up to 1.07 Billion Colours that can be displayed on your screen. Thus you can experience every colour shade with it’s full glory. This Onida TV also allows you to discover and enjoy Apps in various categories, such as, Social Media, Movies, News, Music, and many more. This Artificial Intelligence(AI) TV with Google Assistant and Android 8.0 Oreo, also allows you to control your entire home with voice commands. Now you know, why catching up on your favourite summer-time entertainment can be a mind-blowing experience on your Google Certified Android 4K UHD 58UIC Onida Smart TV! Congratulations on being a proud owner if you already are enjoying this masterpiece, and if you are still not owning it, then don’t miss this opportunity to buy one for yourself!

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