How to Beat the Heat This Summer in 10 Easy Ways


So after getting the required amount of your daily vitamin D Summers are here already, and so is the brutal heat. Though summers are the perfect time to load in all your vitamin D, but the excess heat can lead to a plethora of skin and body problems such as sunburn, prickly heat, dehydration, or in worse conditions you might even get a heatstroke. Intake, it is advisable to stay at home and chill yourself with some amazing and enjoyable remedies in the summers.


Here are the top 10 ways to keep yourself cool in the summers:


1. Get Yourself A Chilled Glass Of Orange Juice:



Who doesn’t like to have a chilled glass of orange juice in the gruelling summer heat? It’s tasty, refreshing, thirst-quenching and a good beverage to enjoy during binge watching sessions. But one secret that’s not known to many is that, the vitamin C in orange juice can prevent many skin and body problems during summers such as prickly heat, sweat gland fatigue and conditions of heat exhaustion. Amazed? So why not grab yourself a glass of vitamin C just now!

2. Invest In Some Loose Cotton Clothes:


For some of you, wearing loose cotton clothes may seem to be a fashion disaster, but Max Azria, a fashion designer had once said, “Fashion is about comfort and feeling good,” which is totally agreeable. And after all, the good old humble cotton clothes only benefit you in summers, by absorbing all the excess sweat and getting you rid of the sticky feeling and thus keeping all the skin infections at bay. So pack away all your synthetic clothes in a suitcase and start showing some love to your cotton clothes, this summer.


3. Sip On Some Buttermilk During Meals:



Having buttermilk during or after meals is amazingly beneficial for your body in the summers. Apart from being an ocean of nutrients, buttermilk also has loads of cooling benefits for your entire body. It soothes your digestive tract by washing down the excess acidity and keeps your body temperature normal. And as 90% of the buttermilk is water, the consumption of buttermilk in summer can save you from dehydration. And the list of benefits is not over yet. Summer can prove to a pleasant time of the year for the bacteria to grow in numbers, and thus an increased risk for you to get some infections. But if you consume buttermilk, the drink which is extremely rich in probiotics, can help your body fight away all those harmful bacteria with ease.


4. Snack on Watermelons or Cucumbers:



Both Watermelons and Cucumbers are 90% water. So in summers, instead of taking heavy meals and increasing the work of your already heat exhausted body, you can support it better by eating light yet nutritious water-rich fruits and vegetables. Some other foods which are high in water-content include tomatoes, spinach, sweet lime, kiwi, muskmelon, etc.


5. Gift Yourself a Smart Voice Integrated Air Conditioner


The best thing that you can gift yourself this summer is Onida’s new launch AC - indulging in the amazing smart turbo cooling experience with ONIDA ONYXS - the best smart inverter AC in India, which gives you lightning-fast cooling for a seamless experience. It’s 4D cooling feature gives 360° cooling and thus enables uniform temperature in the entire room. One of Onida ONYXS’s most popular feature is that, it accepts voice commands through ViOT Voice integration which works with ALEXA, for an amazingly personalized and hassle free experience. And it is specially suitable for your summer needs, because it gives you a magnified cooling experience which is 120% more cooling than the capacity mentioned. Moreover, for healthy breathing.


6. Bathe Two Times Daily



This one’s quite enjoyable, perhaps who doesn’t like to take a relaxing bath. Bathing two times a day is extremely important in summers as it helps you detox your body by washing off the sweat, bacteria buildup and all the dirt that has been sitting on you for quite a while, and helps your skin breathe freely. Also, it helps in maintaining your normal body temperature by absorbing the excess heat in your body.


7. Indulge In Drinking Some Coconut Water:



Not only does the consumption of coconut water save you from dehydration, but also pumps your body with the much-needs electrolytes during summer. Electrolytes are minerals that help maintain the pH level of your body. But in summers, the body loses electrolytes because of excessive sweating. Some of you might be drinking beverages such as Electral or Gatorade for getting a boost of electrolytes. But these contain large amounts of sugar. Compare them to natural coconut water, the latter one is a much healthier option as it contains way lesser calories than Electral or Gatorade.


8. Try Deep-breathing:



It’s no secret that deep-breathing is an effective, natural way to detoxify, relax, calm down and energize. Deep-breathing is especially beneficial in summers to relieve your body from exhaustion and tiredness and to feel more fresh. You can simultaneously take some deep breaths as you are reading this article. It might help you concentrate better.


9. Drink Lots Of Plain Water At Regular Intervals:  



Coconut water, orange juice, cucumbers, watermelons have their own set of benefits, but nothing can replace the good old, plain water. This is because anything taken in excess can do more harm than good, including the above mentioned food and beverages. Whereas, drinking plain water seldom does any harm. Thus, plain water is always better than other beverages. So always keep a water-bottle with you and stay hydrated.


10. Wear Sunglasses When Outdoors:



The UV rays are strongest during summers. These UV rays can cause macular degeneration of your retina which may sometimes lead to blindness. Also, the UV rays can cause other eye problems such as eyelid cancer, cataracts, sunburn of the cornea, etc. To avoid these seriously damaging problems, never forget to carry a pair of good quality, UV-protected sunglasses with you, wherever you go.

Hope this article was good enough to help you conquer your summer blues. Try these tips this summer season, and let us know through your comments, how they worked for you, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends too!


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