10 Ways in which Mothers Care for Us Sub Rosa

Being a mother goes beyond the meaning of the word itself. It’s not just about giving birth, even though many dictionaries might limit its definition to this. They say there’s no greater love than the love of a mother, and we can’t argue with that.

Commemorating more than a 100 years of Mother’s Day this year, we list a few of the countless ways that a mother communicates her affection to her dear child:


1. Loving Us Irrevocably and Unconditionally

A mother’s love isn’t acquired or deserved, it is untiring and constant. It is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law. It dates all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. All love begins and ends at motherhood.

2. Believing in us through Thick and Thin

A mother’s faith is inexorable. When we look into our mother’s eyes, regardless of the circumstances bearing down on us, what we see is somebody that believes in us.

3. Holding us Tenderly When We Are Fast Asleep

A mother’s arms are made of tenderness and children sleep soundly in them. The sense of easement experienced is unparalleled. Even the softest mattress in the world can’t induce a sleep as tranquil as one experienced in a mother’s embrace.

4. Making Our Comfort Her Top Priority

A mother will always look out for her children and make sure that they are as comfortable as they can be. One such way, she does that is by bringing home the Onida Inverter AC to make sure her child is living in heaven.


5. Asking us “How was your Day?”

A mother will hold our hands for a while but our hearts forever. You can sense her concern for us, when she asks us little things like “How was your day?” or “Did you eat?”. Even though she might not play a very active role in our lives anymore, her connection with us is incontestable.

6. Forgiving All Our Mistakes

Even when she has a great deal of trouble with us, a mother’s faith in her child is always unwavering. No mistake we make is unforgiveable. She is the most biased judge of our actions and character. She is always ready to pull us up no matter how deep of an abyss we are in.


7. Understanding What We Do Not Say

A mother has the superpower of sensing our emotions even when we try our best to mask them. Her love and dedication for us is incomparable. Her care and concern is always there with us, even when we are fully grown. It’s a heart and soul connection that transcends the test of time.

8. Being Strong In The Face of Every Adversity

A mother’s strength is greater than natural laws. She has the power of enduring anything and everything without showing any signs of struggle. We never get to know of what troubles she’s battling inside, as she always presents a smiling front to the world.

9. Being Selfish for Us

A mother’s natural state is unselfishness, when it comes to herself. Seeing there are 4 pieces of cake available for 5 family members, she promptly declares her dislike for cake. What more words are needed to depict her unselfishness for herself? She is no longer the centre of her own universe. She relinquishes that position to her child.

10. Being the Model Image of Acceptance, Tolerance, Bravery, Compassion

There is no heroism greater than motherhood. A mother can replace the role other people in our life but she herself is irreplaceable. She accepts without judgement, tolerates without grudges, embodies bravery like a warrior and resonates compassion from each fibre of her being.

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