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Onida Mobile Phones
Fully Loaded Mobiles Handsets
Mobiles Phones are today an integral part of everyday life and have found various uses. The wide range of Onida Mobiles phones – from Smart phones to Touch phones, Qwerty and Dual SIM phones – are designed to cater to every need.

Onida Mobiles


Chat & Text
The Yuva range of handsets will help you socialise and network on the move. With several handsets designed with Qwerty keypads, texting and chatting was never so easy!


The fantastic touchscreen interface of the Sparsh mobile phones will enhance your experience of using the mobile phone. Stylishly designed, these phones are virtually fashion accessories!


Loud & Clear
With sound so loud and clear, you will no longer have to strain your ears to listen to the person on the other side. The Thunder range of phones are designed with fantastic speakers that deliver impressive sound for a mobile phone.


Stamina battery
The Shakti range of mobile phones are designed with batteries that boast of a long life. This will ensure that you can have never-ending conversations without worrying about charging!


Best choice
When it comes to making smart choice, you cannot go wrong with the Onida Smart range of mobile phones. These are feature packed phones priced such that they are within anyone's and everyone's reach. Get Smart!