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Split AC
Powerful Cooling, High Energy Saving, Stylish Looks
Onida Split Air Conditioners are continuously innovated for powerful & efficient performance, ease of use, delivering superior consumer experience and lifestyle designs based on consumer insight.

Onida Split Air Conditioners

SMART Inverter AC

More Cooling, More Savings
ONIDA Smart Inverter ACs are designed to provide upto 130% more cooling and have high seasonal energy efficiency ratio to provide 65% savings in energy bill under part load conditions.


Best in Style & Performance
Onida Lifestyle range is innovated and styled to provide the most luxurious and premium experience. The range has the elegantly designed new Tracy which suits the most premium interriors of your living room.


Powerful Cooling.More Savings
Onida's Trendy range is innovated and styled to provide the most amazing experience. The range has the most powerful compressors for faster cooolig and maximum efficiency.


Instant Cooling. No Waiting
The i-Cool range is innovated for providing Instant Cooling in peak summers with ease of use features like One-touch Auto Climate control, hidden and large display. The ACs use large copper condenser and powerful compressors for ef...